Sprite Social Campaign Execution

Content Development, Film Production, Social Media Integration, Web Design & Development

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Sprite wanted to deepen its connection with multi-cultural youth and become more ingrained with urban culture.

The Result:

We developed a proprietary social content platform composed of socially connected urban reporters and artists that make up Sprite P.O.U.R. (Purveyors of Urban Reality). Fifteen reporters throughout Atlanta, Chicago and New York City showed the stories of 150 inspiring peers – up-and-coming artists, musicians, and designers – through social-first content. Our talented team of storytellers, producers, and editors brought these young artists’ stories to life in a series of short films, narratives, and photos generating millions of organic brand endorsements and driving brand relevancy and loyalty with the brand’s most influential audience. Initially launched as a test, this program has expanded over the past three years and has become a brand pillar.

What We Did:

  • Social Media Integration
  • Creative Development
  • User Generated Content
  • Visual Curation
  • Film Production
  • Photography